NBCM Weekly Schedule


Food Pantry 6 – 8 pm

Welcome Committee mtg 7:00 pm room 209

Women’s Committee mtg ( 2nd and 4th) 7 pm #102

Security/Parking Min mtg. #104 7pm (2nd only)

Sold Out Dancers Teen/YA Sanctuary 6:30 pm




Morning Prayer 6:00 am

Food Pantry 6 – 8 pm

Missionary Meeting #212 (3rd Tuesday) 6:30 pm




Church Wide Fast for Unity 11:00 – 3:00pm

Noonday Bible Study 12:00 noon main sanctuary

Cancer Awareness #104 (2nd only) 6:00 pm

Prayer time in the main sanctuary 6:00 pm

Premarital Classes Conference room 7:00 pm (every other Month)

Marital Classes main sanctuary 7:00 pm quarterly

Evening Bible Study 7:00 pm teen sanctuary and class rooms

New Members’ class #104 7:00 pm

Young Adult Praise Team 8:00 pm main




Ministers in Training (II and II) Conference Room 6:30 pm

Adult Choir 7:00 pm main sanctuary

RUSH Ministry (4th only) 7:00 pm #104




Men’s Fellowship (1st only) 7:00 pm

Women’s Fellowship (2nd only) 7:00 pm

Single’s Fellowship (3rd only) 7:00 pm

Seniors on the Move (4th only) 7:00 pm

SWAT (Soul Winning Assurance Team) training (3rd) 7:00 pm




Senior Choir rehearsals 8:30 am

NBCM Dancers 9:00 am teen sanctuary

Musicians Practice 10:00 am

Anointed Youth and God’s Little Wonders….. 10:00 am

Deaf Ministry #104…. 10:00 am ( 2nd and 4th )

Youth Mimes #205 … 11:00 am

Worship/Praise Team Rehearsals 11:15 am

Teen/Young Adult Choir !:00 pm main

Youth (Kids’) Choir 5 – 6 pm Teen sanctuary




Altar call/prayer 1st service 8:50 am

Hour of Power 9:00 am

Sunday School and New Members Classes 10:30 … various classes

Nurses mtg (3rd) 10:30 #212

Ushers mtg (2nd/4th) 10:30 #212

Greeters mtg (2nd every other month) 10:30 am #212

Altar call/Prayer 2nd service 11:15 am

Morning Worship service 11:30 am

Junior Church 11:30 am classrooms

Young Adult Service 11:30 am Teen/Young Adult sanctuary (2nd)


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Worship With Us



(2 services)

9:00am and 11:30am


Sunday School and New Members Class



Junior Church and Nursery





Morning Prayer 6:00am



Bible Study

12:00 noon & 7:00pm



Church-wide Fast


11:00am - 3:00pm





New Members Class


Church Office Hours


Sunday 9am - 2pm

Monday 9am - 2pm

Tuesday 9am - 4pm

Wednesday 9am - 2pm

Thursday 9am - 4pm

Friday 9am - 2pm

Saturday Closed